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The skill of writing came to me when I was twelve years old. My aunt gave me a journal and I started to write daily. Mostly I wrote about what I did that particular day, but ultimately it led to more. It allowed me to peel away at the disturbed emotions of childhood. It eventually gave me a new outlet into creative thinking.  

I wrote over one hundred poems, and had over twenty of them published in college journals, reviews, online publications and anthologies.  My poetry came from a dark place, but as I progressed in spiritual recovery, my interest for other types of writing increased.  

I explored script writing in one act plays and screenplays entitled, “Keeping the Family Secrets,” “A Conversation with God,” A Twist of Fate, The Unit, and Love is Love.

In 2009 Love is Love reached #17 on Amazon and in 2013 Love is Love was released on Kindle.

Currently, A Blueprints for a Happy Life was written as an experiment to alter my brain patterns from a negative mind set to a positive one. It is a 365 daily book to help others who struggle from depression, anxiety, or loss of enthusiasm in life. It gives the reader, hope to turn his or her life around and be happy.   

I work for the Department of Education in New York City and live with my family in Great Neck.  

Please visit - You will find Blueprints for a Happy Life on 9/9/2013

It will be released in E Reader/Kindle and book format.


A New Kind of Love Story: Love is Love by Donna Barnes is now available on EReader/ Kindle Format on 8/16/2013


Love is the answer to all of our problems.